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Корпоративная газета корпорации Gardner Denver (США). Статья о новом дилере – ЗЕТ-Техно.


Zet Techno has recently been appointed as the Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems distributor for Eurasia. With offices in Russia’s two largest cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg Zet Techno covers Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

Headed by its General Director Mr. Roustam Baltakhanov and staff of engineers Zet Techno was successful in selling the first Gardner Denver Liquablaster in Russia last December. They have also recently ordered another unit that will be displayed at the upcoming Neftegaz 2006 exhibition, June 19-23 in Moscow.

With the support of Zet Techno we expect to have a bright future in Russia given the fact In 2005 Russia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by approximately 7.1%, surpassing average growth rates in all other G8 countries, and marking the country’s sixth consecutive year of economic expansion.

Talk about a big territory Gardner Denver’s Jose Rubin with ZET Techno Roustam Baltakhanov






Three of our 1000 Series diesel quintuplex waterjetting units are headed to Alberta, Canada for two to three months. According to David Vardaman, who is in charge of the rental fleet operations, these units will be used for drilling and well stimulation services.

Our customer, a Calgary based oilfield service company specializing in high pressure fluid drilling and completion service, will utilize these units until we build and deliver new custom designed units for their operations.

The customer’s engineers worked closely with the entire Gardner Denver Water Jetting team to come up with a hybrid soft seat valve for a 15,000 PSI pump. Combine this with a new transmission configuration, the units now provide the customer with the ability to pump an extremely versatile array of fluids at a wide range of pressures and flow rates.

It is having access to this kind of equipment that will give our customers the edge in their operations now and for years to come.

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